The images of sculptures on this website span three decades of my work including a bust of my grandfather, which is now placed at the family cemetery plot in my home country of Czech republic, in the historic town of Kutna Hora, where I lived until 1968. The sculpture materials vary from wax and bronze through my ceramic period, experiments with plaster casting and wood carving, work with stone assemblies and finally welding steel semi-abstracts.

My first solo show was in 1981 at Del Bello Gallery on Queen St. W. in Toronto. Del Bello Gallery represented me for almost twenty years including showings at Art Expo New York.

After moving to Northumberland County I have joined Colborne Art Gallery artist’s co-op, where I had my solo show of steel sculptures in 2005. My steel welding period culminated in 2010, when I won public art competition in town of Cobourg and unveiled the seven meter (24 foot) tall twin steel sculpture in front of their Community Centre.

The Art Gallery of Northumberland presented my mixed media reliefs in March 2011 with a solo showing.

The other media presented on this website are photo collages. I make them from photographs on a computer using Paint Shop Pro. Making collages is similar to welding, but cleaner and less physical. Combining several photographs into one visual statement is an exciting visual language unlike anything I have tried before.

Drawings, paintings, stone lithographs and reliefs are also part of my inventory. See other media to view this work.

I live and work in Northumberland County, one hour drive from Toronto, just north of highway 401. I sincerely welcome all art collectors to come for a visit, view and hopefully buy my art. I prefer to be contacted by email:

Please email a few days before you plan to arrive. I will send you detailed instructions for how to find my house and studios.